AB 1717 Moves to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee

On Monday, April 21st, the Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce approved AB 1717 (Pre-Paid Telephone Surcharges) to move to the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

On Thursday the 13th, Chuck Berdan hand-delivered a letter of opposition to AB 1717 to Assembly Member Perea’s office. It is our belief that this bill is more of an attempt by the cellular carriers to change their business model and increase profits, and will cost more to administer than it will receive in income.

The approval was despite a well-spoken argument given by Sam Spiegel, representing the California Police Chiefs Association, and the California Public Safety 9-1-1 Coalition. Chuck Berdan also added the NAPCO opposition statement during the hearings. The vote was surprising in the number of abstentions, possibly indicating that our visits to the legislator’s staff members might have had some impact as well. No date has been set for hearings at the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.