APCO WRC January Update 1

Things are really starting to move now. We have lots of updates for you, and they can all be found on the conference website at APCOWRC2015.org.

Today, we want to introduce you to our keynote and featured speakers at the opening general session, highlight 3 training sessions, let you know what you can do in and around Sacramento off conference hours, and remind you about the pricing increases at the end of January.

Johnson_J_smFirst, the Keynote speaker for the opening session has been verified. On Wednesday, April 8th, our opening keynote speaker will be Jeff Johnson, Vice Chairman of the FirstNet board. Mr. Johnson has an extensive public safety background, with broad experience at both the local and national level. He has served as Chair of Oregon’s Statewide Interoperability Executive Council, the Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Fire Chief/CEO and remains very active nationally on public safety communications matters. He has served on the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Board of Directors and as a representative of the SAFECOM Emergency Response Council. He is now CEO of the Western Fire Chiefs Association and Chairman of Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI).

You can read more about Jeff from the APCO WRC 2015 website.

Mark GhilarducciIn addition to Jeff, we will also hear from another featured speaker, Mark Ghirladucci, Director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES). Appointed July 1, 2013 by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.  Ghilarducci previously served as Secretary of the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) appointed in February 2012 by Governor Brown.  As a member of the Cabinet, Director Ghilarducci serves as the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisor (HSA) and oversees statewide public safety, emergency management, emergency communications, counter-terrorism efforts and the State Threat Assessment System (STAS).  His duties include serving as chair of numerous boards and committees and he sits on several state and national commissions and work groups.


We want to highlight three training sessions this week that will be available at the conference. In addition to these three sessions, look for information on discounted APCO pre-conference courses, POST certified courses, and more.

9-1-1 Dispatch Operations

Games Trainers Play PSTC: Sometimes training gets boring.  This course will challenge dispatchers to think outside the box to create a more dynamic and motivated training program to help produce a higher level success.


Between the Walls Public Safety Coverage: In 2009 the NFPA created some standards that defined radio coverage requirements for in building coverage.  This presentation will expose people to the requirements and discuss some of the technical challenges agencies may experience in achieving those coverage levels.


ASAP to the PSAP: It seems like every dispatch center is being tol to do more with Less.   Finding ways to reduce call volume is improtant for dispatch managers.  Learn how some PSAPs in Wash DC, Tempe, AZ, Houston, and Richmond VA are connecting their CAD’s directly to the alarm companies to save time with answering all those alarm company calls.

What to do when not in training?

Looking for more good reasons to visit Sacramento? We have teamed up with the Sacramento Visitor’s Bureau to bring you a number of things that you can do to pass your time in the evening in and around the Sacramento area. Some of it walkable, some rideable, and some will fill your time for that long weekend stay after the conference (San Francisco, Yosemite, Napa, just to name a few). Click here to go to the external Visit Sacramento Site and see what Sacramento has to offer.

Registration Deadline Looming!

Looking to get in on all this action? Don’t wait any longer. Discounted registration is only available for a couple of more weeks. After January, you lose out on these discounts and prices go up. Visit the website now, click on Registration, and follow the easy online registration system to reserve your spot now! Remember, the Wednesday and Thursday Exhibit Hall only pass with access to all of the vendors and show floor presentations is still free, but if you want access to the great training and presentations upstairs, day passes and full conference passes start as low as only $125.