Are you a member of APCO? If not, find out why you should be…

The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) is an organization defined by and driven to serve the needs of Public Safety Communications professionals. From protecting frequencies to promoting professional standards and training, the Northern California Chapter of APCO provides value to members, agencies, and their communities.

Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Game

Mark Your Calendars! May 6th – Wounded Warriors vs. Sacramento All Stars SAFE Credit Union along with Aerojet and the River Cats host a softball game where local “celebrities” play against the veterans who are amputees and travel around the US to highlight their motto, “Life without Limits”.  The game […]

What’s Old is New Again

Did you know that over the years, six presidents of APCO International have come from the Northern California Chapter of APCO? Or that the chapter started in 1938? Well, if you didn’t you can head over to our updated Historical page now to read more on the history of the […]

GPS Testing this Month may Cause Interference

The FAA has issued a warning to all flights in the Southwest, especially Southern California, that during 6 days in the month of June, there will be GPS Interference Testing lasting for 6 hours a day that may interrupt flight navigation and controls in aircraft that rely heavily on GPS […]

What Happens When a Gas Line is Ruptured?

What does the response look like when a natural gas line is ruptured in a neighborhood? Well, the California Regional Common Ground Alliance is hosting a free (with registration) event on June 10, 2016. This will be a mock gas line strike and emergency response event with Senator Jerry Hill […]

Technical Difficulties Resolved

Hello users, The website has now recovered from its technical difficulties with its Calendar function. Hopefully this minor glitch did not cause you any problems. Please visit often to see what the Chapter is up to. Thank you for your patience during this time. Signed, The Web Team

Currenlty Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hello users, The website is currently experiencing technical difficulties with its Calendar function. Hopefully this minor glitch will be resolved soon. The rest of the website appears to be functioning normally and we hope to have full functionality restored soon. Thank you for your patience during this time. Signed, […]