Important Message for 6 GHz License Holders

Is your 6 GHz fixed microwave license information current and up to date in the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)? It is crucial that your FCC licenses are accurate and updated. The FCC will be permitting new unlicensed Wi-Fi-type devices to operate in this band, and these devices are permitted to use the frequencies you are licensed for. There is a significant likelihood that these devices will cause harmful interference to public safety operations. The threat largely depends on the ability of new automated frequency coordination systems to use the information from ULS to limit competing use by the new devices near licensed microwave receivers.

While APCO continues to work to resolve ongoing concerns with the FCC’s approach, it is nevertheless essential that your ULS license information is up to date – both to increase the ability of the coordination system to protect your operations and so you’re prepared for the interference complaint process with the FCC. The FCC has issued a public notice ( advising all licensees to verify and update their licenses.

APCO can help with updating your 6 GHz fixed microwave licenses. For minor modifications, no coordination is required and a processing fee will apply. For major modifications, coordination is required and APCO can assist with that process and provide a quote before proceeding.

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