News from the President

President’s Message (September 2013)

One of the most important resources for our employees to maintain the proficiency, regardless of their specific profession, is training.We have availed ourselves as your chapter representatives and have responded to your suggestions pertaining to training opportunities.Going forward we strive to conduct as many classes as possible, including those that […]

President’s Message (August 2013)

I want to publicly thank the chapter members and officers who helped make the APCO Convention an overwhelmingly successful event. This year the conference in Anaheim was attended by over 5,000 people; the exhibit hall was enthusiastically attended, well represented by our commercial partners, and proved to be a very […]

President’s Message (June 2013)

On behalf of all members of the Northern California chapter of APCO International, I want to thank Chuck Berdan for his work as our representative on the State 911 Advisory Board. His efforts have already proven worthwhile as the State 911 Emergency Communications Office, under the direction of Karen Wong, […]