Northern California Chapter Frequency Advisor Awarded APCO “Rookie Local Frequency Advisor of the Year Award”

APCO’s Spectrum Management Division has awarded the Rookie Local Advisor of the Year Award to Northern California Chapter’s Local Frequency Advisor Diana Garcia during APCO International’s Annual Conference in Anaheim. The award was announced August 8, 2022 during the annual Local Frequency Advisors Luncheon.

Diana Garcia joined the ranks of APCO Local Frequency Advisors in April 2021. Diana, as one of two Local Frequency Advisors for the Northern California Chapter of APCO, reviews radio license applications to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that are submitted by public safety agencies. This review includes a complex search of FCC license records and generating radio coverage predictions to determine the compatibility of the frequencies on the application with those already licensed in the geographic vicinity of the applicant to identify any potential for radio interference. In some cases, the applicant will request that APCO search for and identify an appropriate frequency for that application. Diana conducts these reviews and frequency searches, working with applicants to find the most suitable frequency or frequencies to fulfill the applicant’s radio communications needs.

Congratulations to Diana Garcia.

Presenting the Award to Diana are Farokh Latif, APCO Spectrum Management Director (L) and John Lemmon, Northern California Local Frequency Advisor (R).