Learn More about ProCHRT California

Keep hearing about APCO ProCHRT? Want to know more about what it is, specifically here in California. The Northern California Chapter of APCO International, now has a web page dedicated to ProCHRT California, accessible right from the NAPCO.org website. You can find the link from the navigation menu, under the Resources menu, or follow this link directly: http://www.napco.org/resources/prochrt/.

From the ProCHRT page, you can see what California ProCHRT is up to, what it stands for, and who to contact with questions and comments. California ProCHRT has 5 active teams working to help public safety communicators with their professional development and workload. You can even find a link to the APCO International ProCHRT Toolbox, created by the APCO International ProCHRT Committee, for everyone from frontline telecommunicators to upper-level managers who want to further efforts to recognize public safety telecommunications professionals, who often go unnoticed yet are the first of the first responders and can so greatly affect the outcome of emergency situations.

The California ProCHRT page, is just another resource for First Responders in California to use to further their professional careers and goals, and the Northern California Chapter of APCO proudly supports the California ProCHRT Committee and its efforts here in our state.