Meet the 2014 APCO Candidates

During the June Monthly Chapter Meeting of the Northern California Chapter of APCO International, held on June 12 in Morgan Hill, both candidates for APCO Intl. 2nd VP will be calling in to speak to our chapter and be available to answer any questions our membership may have for them. For those that want to know more about the candidates, we have compiled a short bio of each here, and provided links to their websites as well.

Cheryl Greathouse

Cheryl Photo -2

My name is Cheryl J. Greathouse and I am running for 2nd Vice President of APCO in 2014. I have been an active and involved member of APCO since 1990 and served at the Association level on committees as both a member and chair, and as chair of a special task force, as a Group Leader (responsible for oversight of multiple committees), as a contributing writer of national training standards, as a regular conference presenter, and I have also testified before the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of APCO. I have twice been awarded the APCO International President’s Award, am an APCO Senior and APCO Life Member, and this year, achieved my APCO Registered Public-Safety Leader credential.

I humbly ask for your support and vote during the election process which begins on July 6, 2014. In the meantime, if you have any questions about my experience, credentials or vision for the Association, please feel free to contact me at 478-993-4637 or

Letter to APCO members from Cheryl.

Michael Jeffres

Jeffres_2ndVPBeing a candidate for 2nd Vice President is an opportunity to put me to work for You. Having worked in public safety for 25 years, and 17 years with APCO, you have the opportunity to elect someone to the board knowing that I will give my attention to the issues that affect you, and that will impact your career in the coming years. I have been involved in spectrum and technology issues with many of our peers from chapters across the country for years and I hold degrees in business and technology. My experience in managing a team of experts in technology and business processes, and successfully managing large public safety projects and multi-million dollar budgets is the right combination of skills and experience to help lead APCO.

APCO leaders should be united in purpose, working together as a team, and understand that complex goals require experience in systems and public safety issues. I have built partnerships with other organizations that promote our common interests serving our public safety officials. I am committed to serving on the APCO Board to listen to you and represent your interests.

Thank you for considering me when you vote.

Letter to APCO members from Michael.