Raytheon Ceases Operations of its JPS Subsidiary

In a letter sent to manufacturer representatives canceling their agreements, Raytheon JPS Communications is closing its business operations effective January 29, 2016.

Raytheon has asked that it’s reps cease all sales activities of JPS products. As of now, all JPS warranty obligations will be fulfilled, as well as any other service and maintenance obligations that have been contracted. Raytheon made this business decision after reviewing its business portfolio, and investing in the products and services needed by their customers to ensure they are aligned with the company’s core areas of expertise. Since acquiring JPS, there have been market changes that no longer align with Raytheon’s core technology and business strategy.

Numerous public-safety and mission-critical communications networks in North America include Raytheon JPS interoperability gateways. What can you do if you own one of these gateways? It looks like one of the founders of JPS, Dan Scott, is in the process of attempting to re-acquire it by buying key assets and attempting to stand it back up.

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