SB284 (Dispatch PTSI) Petition Letter

Hello Northern California APCO Members,

Over this last year NAPCO, along with NENA and other partners, have been following and supporting the efforts to pass Senate Bill 284 (Stern) and now we need your help.

For those that don’t know, Senate Bill 284 will extend PTSI injury coverage for Dispatchers and those that supervise dispatchers. This bill passed the floor unanimously and is now sitting with Governor Newsome. Along with NENA we are asking for our members to write to the Governor to encourage him to sign the bill before September 30, 2022.

If you are willing to assist, we are asking you the consider copying and pasting the email text from the link below and sending an email from your PESONAL email and on your own behalf. We think it’s important to separate your correspondence as coming from you and not the agency you are employed by.

The link below will send you to the recommended text for your email. Please send the email to as well as a blind copy (bcc) to so we can track the efforts. A special appreciation to our friends at Cal-NENA for formatting this email text.

Thank you in advance for helping support our dispatchers who are on the front line every day helping Californians in crisis. This bill will have a direct impact on supporting them.


Your Northern California APCO Chapter Officers

Click Here to download the Word Template