Vision FirstNet Users Summit

September 19-22, 2022

SouthPoint Hotel Casino & Spa Las Vegas, NV

The Vision 2022 Summit is a FirstNet users conference with a mission to ensure every organization and person involved in safety, security, emergency and crisis response has the tools, technology, and knowledge that they need to keep themselves and their communities safe.

As an association, we’re working hard to create an incredible experience for all FirstNet Users and potential users at our PSBTA FirstNet Users Summit, this coming January. We understand, however, things can change in an instant, so we are also working on contingency plans to assure we connect you with all of the important information we’re preparing. It is times like these that reinforce the fact that a deeper understanding of how FirstNet can help you better serve your community comes with cutting-edge training opportunities, access to the service providers building a better network and ecosystem to serve you, grants technical assistance and support to assist you in identifying potential funding sources to fund your project(s), and the ability to have meaningful conversations about what you need as an agency.

Targeted content for all FirstNet Eligible users, their Technical Support teams, and Administrative Leadership. Primary and Extended Primary users include First Responders, Dispatch, Emergency Planning and Management Teams, and all First Responder Supporting Agencies & Services (hospitals, transportation, public utilities, & other agencies providing critical support to an incident).