APCO Releases Technical Bulletin for Operators of 6 GHz Microwave Systems and Ex Parte Letter to the Federal Communications Commission

On September 6, 2022  APCO released a Technical Bulletin regarding issues related to the new Wi-Fi 6e devices now operating in the 6 GHz microwave band. The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is to advise public safety agencies operating 6 GHz point-to-point microwave systems of the importance of managing and archiving baseline performance measurements in preparation for expected harmful interference that may be caused by the new Wi-Fi devices operating in the band. The document includes suggested baseline measurements to be made so that future degradation in path performance can be more easily identified.

On September 1, 2022 APCO filed an Ex Parte letter to the Federal Communications Commission identifying concerns with the Multi-Stakeholder Group report, “Best Practices and Recommended Procedures for Interference Detection, Reporting, and Resolution to Protect Fixed Microwave Service Receivers in the 6 GHz Band” that was submitted to the Commission on July 11, 2022. The Ex Parte letter identifies shortcomings in the report and provides insight into how public safety agencies operating 6 GHz systems may have difficulties in identifying the sources of interference and getting assistance in mitigating the interference.

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