APCO WRC 2015 Update

We are less than 280 days away from the start of the APCO Western States Regional Conference, being hosted by our own chapter in Sacramento. And things just got real!

You already know that we have the space reserved, the hotel contract in place, and a committee hard at work to put on a great show. But did you know that we also have the corporate sponsorship packet available for download, and the call for papers live? If not, that means you have not visited the APCOWRC2015.org website yet. Head on over and see what all the fuss is about. Bookmark the site, visit often, and look for news about when registration will open. Hint: it will be in the month of July!

In the very near future we will also be announcing the volunteer registration as well. Sign up to volunteer 4 hours, and get a free day pass to the day of your choosing. Volunteer for 8 hours or more, and get a free full conference pass. What better way to give back, and still attend the conference? There will be plenty to do and plenty to see in Sacramento next year. Believe you me, we are hard at work on getting everything in place to fill over 50,000 square feet of exhibitor space, 50+ classroom spots, keynotes, lunch time presentations, alley ways, streets, hotels, you name it.

We are in the middle of a dry spell here in the west with APCO holding conferences in New Orleans, Washington DC, and Florida back to back to back. Sacramento will build on Arizona’s strong showing for the 2014 WRC, and help build up Portland in 2016. We are committed to bringing you high quality training, presentations, and vendors in 2015. And remember, if you are a vendor, it’s never too early to add your name as a corporate sponsor of the event.