Executive Council Update (August 2013)

It was a busy week in Anaheim as the executive Council met to get an update on the Association. Click here for the Association’s annual report. As you can see there is a lot of detail in the report. If you have an interest please feel free to look through the report. If you have any questions please call me and maybe I can provide some clarification for you.

Some of the big issues from the annual report is the so the associations budget analysis. The Association ended the last year in the black. Which was good news since many were concerned about the impact the economy was having on the Association. However, both the AFC and the Institute continue to bring in positive revenue. While membership have grown, mostly through the addition of group memberships, it is the Institute and AFC which continue to bring in the most revenue.

Speaking of membership, membership continues to increase. In fact as you are reading this the international has just announced that our membership has grown above 20,000.

Again if you have any questions please fill free to call or email me.