In-Building Emergency Communications Systems Training with Pulse

The Northern California Chapter of APCO, Intl. is excited to announce a 3 part training series with Pulse Signal Solutions.

This will be a three part webinar series that will be free to attend. Each session will be held on a Tuesday, starting November 3, and ending on November 17, 2020. Sessions will begin at 9:00 AM. Here is a summary of what each session will cover:

Session 1 (11/3/2020) – The Ecosystem
Watch the recording here:
This will be a high level session discussing the following:

  • Who and what is driving the use of Signal Boosters as a tool to eliminate coverage holes on Public Safety LMR radio systems?
  • State, Local and National Fire Codes that are requiring the use of “RF radiating devices” to eliminate “radio coverage holes” in buildings.
  • What exactly are these devices and who is responsible for their operation?
  • What exactly does the FCC, the overall governing authority, have to say about the use of the devices?
  • How and why do these devices affect LMR radio systems.
  • Licensees Authority and Responsibility to Part 90 Signal Boosters used on their networks.

Session 2 (11/10/2020) – The Math
Watch the recording here:
This will be a technical presentation on the math behind the use of Signal Boosters.

  • The FCC rules regarding the use of Signal Booster.
  • How signal boosters will affect the overall radio network if/when they are deployed.

Session 3 (11/17/2020) – Pre-Installation Engineering
Watch the recording here:
This session will focus on what a licensee can do to prevent potential problems that can be caused by the use of signal boosters in their jurisdiction.

This will focus on when to allow the use of any proposed part 90 signal booster/RF emitting device by assuring that the proposed addition will:

  1. Have a good chance of actually helping the overall system it is associated with
  2. Not cause undue interference to licensees and neighboring radio systems
  3. Not affect a licensees master radio system plan
  4. Not be located in proximity to a like radiating device that can cause RF interaction

Please contact, or Greg Glenn with Pulse ( with any questions.