Emergency Responder Communications Training and Roundtable Discussion

The number of in-building emergency responder communication systems being installed within new and existing buildings is increasing. These systems are complex and can negatively impact existing public safety radio systems if not installed and maintained correctly. This training and roundtable discussion will bring together stakeholders from public safety agencies, radio […]

CalOES Hiring Challenges Study

As PSAP staffing, training and retention continues to be a key issue, CalOES is asking Calltakers and Dispatchers across California to participate in a study being conducted to determine best practices and challenges being faced today. Please consider contributing by completing this anonymous survey.

MCSC Newsletter – September 2023

Below is the link for the latest Member & Chapter Services Committee newsletter from APCO International. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to Adriana Spirescu with the Southern California Chapter of APCO at MCSC Newsletter – September 2023(

Emerging Technology – September 2023

TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE Robotics Role in Public Safety a new Robot dog called spot a four-legged friend. This dog can climb, and remove packages involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives materials. Thermal camera can detect hot spots in buildings and provides a 360-degree view. If the robot falls, it […]