President’s Message (May 2014)

Some members of the Board of Directors attended the 2014 APCO Western Regional Conference (WRC) that was held in Litchfield, Arizona, from May 7th through May 9th. The board members shadowed the Phoenix APCO chapter to learn from their experience. Attendance was outstanding and the board members gained valuable knowledge that can be used in the 2015 APCO Western Regional that will be held in Sacramento, at the Sacramento Convention Center.

The Northern Chapter of APCO (NAPCO) had a booth to advertise the 2015 WRC, NAPCO also had a chance to advertise the 2015 WRC at the closing ceremony of the conference. To learn more about the 2015 WRC please visit the web site at

I hope that everyone can attend the June 12th meeting at the Morgan Hill Multi Cultural Center. The keynote speakers will be Mr. Bill Ruck and Ms. Marianne Wolf with CSI. They will be presenting on successful project management as it relates to radio systems and communications centers.