WRC 2015 Updates – Training and More

100 days and counting!

That’s right, only 100 days until the largest gathering of public safety communicators this side of the Mississippi. Booth spaces are filing up fast, attendees are registering as fast as their agencies will let them. The Mobile Command Centers are fueling up and preparing to head to Sacramento. If you have not registered yet, why not? Registration fees are still discounted, through the end of January. Save $50 by signing up now. Can’t use a credit card, sign up and we will hold your registration so you can send in a check. Sign up for a full conference pass and bring you spouse for the cost of a day pass only. It’s quick and easy to register. Click here now to reserve your spot and be part of all the action.

Looking for training? See what we have to offer. We have had an overwhelming flood of submitals for sessions and presentations. We are combing through, finalizing the tracks, and getting classroom spaces ready. While we have not finalized the entire list of training classes available, we have selected a number of sessions that we know you will be interested in. Count on seeing these and many more all available to full attendees.

Front Line Operators

  • Domestic Violence
  • Games Trainers Play
  • Language and Cultural Barriers
  • Ahh In the News
  • We Can Do Better
  • Frequencies to Failures
  • Multi Cultural Issues
  • Quantifying & Legitimizing Stress
  • New Incidence Intelligence Tools
  • Stress Reduction in the 911 Dispatch Center


  • Federated Architecture
  • TERT, Helping a sister-agency in crisis
  • Quality Assurance – Best Practices
  • Text to 9-1-1
  • ABC’s of Supervision
  • Fighting Toxicity
  • Beyond Stress Management
  • Reducing Noise Complaints about Noise, Glare, and Temp
  • Getting Incident Communications to the Incident
  • Radio Overload


  • Satellite Communications
  • Mission Critical Data in NG911 Environment
  • Networks are more than Microwave
  • Planning for the Unknown Power
  • In Building coverage / 700 / SMR
  • RFP Technical Specs
  • Base Station Receivers, Interference and Desensitization
  • Tower Work – The Peril of Compromise
  • Using SINAD Coverage Mapping to Locate Receiver Blocking
  • Simulcast testing in a highly reflective environment

Training sessions from local and national speakers, FirstNet, California POST certifications and more will be made available during the 4 days of training.

For more updates, visit the conference website at www.APCOWRC2015.org. See the growing list of vendors here. Want to volunteer, there are still opportunities available here. We will be posting more sessions, more vendors, more speakers, and more details in the weeks to come. Remember, fees increase $50 starting February 1. Regsitering now is the only way to ensure you receive the best in class training from APCO at the most reasonable cost.