Your Help is Needed – Federal Dispatcher Classification Update 1


9-1-1 Professionals Are NOT Like Clerical Workers and Taxicab Dispatchers!

This is your LAST CHANCE FOR 10 MORE YEARS to tell federal officials that Public Safety Dispatchers deserve recognition and respect for the life and death nature of the work they do. COMMENTS ARE DUE TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 20. If you have not already done so click HERE right now and follow our simple instructions to add an example or two of how you protect and save lives. Already filed comments? Convince as many of your colleagues as possible to do the same. Federal officials responsible for reclassification clearly do not appreciate what dispatchers do. Help educate them!


More information about the reclassification process and useful resources are available on APCO’s website, and their staff is here to answer any questions –

One thought on “Your Help is Needed – Federal Dispatcher Classification Update

  • Traci Fitzsimmons

    i have been a 9-1-1 dispatcher for 20yrs, I have nights I cannot sleep, due to the memories of the things I have heard and been involved with, that continue to affect me.
    we do far more than a secretary is expected to do. I have talked mothers thru the death of their child, I have “held the hand” by phone of a woman who’s husband died in bed next to her, I have had to call my childhood friend and tell her that her mother had just passed away, I have taken the call of my own grandmother accidentally overdosing and have had to dispatch the call then get in my car and drive to help her at the hospital. Show me a secretary who does this sort of thing. also I have been a secretary/receptionist ,,, so surely I know the difference.
    traci fitzsimmons dispatcher II Yolo co. Ca

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