California 9-1-1 Advisory Board Update

The Governor’s 9-1-1 Advisory Board met on May 12th. Here’s a synopsis of what went on:


  • Assembly Bill (AB) 510 – SETNA funding– is still at the Senate Utilities &Commerce Committee. No activity since last July, but we know there are revisions pending release.
  • AB 1564 – 9-1-1 Routing – is on the Assembly consent calendar – there is no opposition.
  • AB 1769 – crime for abusing 9-1-1 on any electronic device – no opposition
  • AB 2395 – Telecommunications Companies Allowed to Drop Legacy Wireline service– has been forwarded to the Assembly Appropriations Committee
  • AB 2453 – changes to the 9-1-1 Advisory Board – in the Assembly inactive file
  • SB 1250 – Telecommunications: major rural outages: notifications and reporting – at the Senate Appropriations Committee, Hearing Date 05/27/2016 suspense file

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) Transition Plan
R.D. Porter from L.R. Kimball gave a presentation on the project. A NG9-1-1 Strategic Plan was developed in July 2010 that outlined the plan for implementation of NG9-1-1. In December of 2010, a roadmap was published that showed a timeline for implementation. The Initiation and Assessment phases are complete. The design phase is in progress, and there have been some proof of concept projects. The Implementation and Maintenance phases have not started.

Text to 9-1-1 Deployment
San Bernardino/Riverside – Cyndee Freeman from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office gave a presentation on their project. They deployed in 22 PSAPs – 18 in San Bernardino County, and 4 in Riverside County in November of 2015. It was a 1 ½ year project – some of the time was waiting for TCS to develop transfer capability between PSAPs. They started testing from June to November of 2015, and didn’t announce publicly until December 15th, 2015. They found that Butt Dials are approximately ½ of the calls. It appears that it is only on some phone’s lock screens – LG and Samsung specifically. Cyndee contacted the FCC about the issue, and it was the first they had heard of this problem. They have tested the interoperability between disparate Text Control Centers – should be out by the end of May.

Wireless Routing Update
Bill Anderson gave an update on the sector review. They completed the initial review in 2015, with 4,340 changes needed. Only 641 changes have been made by the carriers to date. The Advisory Board had concerns over the time it is taking for the carriers to complete. The plan is to review the sectors annually. (This matches requirements in AB 1564).
Request for new public safety answering points
This needs to be a Long Range Planning Committee discussion. More PSAPs mean a dilution of the SETNA monies. The LRPC is looking at an 800 call per month threshold for any new PSAPs.

9-1-1 Branch Report
Bill’s report will be posted on their website.
Text to 9-1-1 current implementation is only a temporary measure – until NG9-1-1 is implemented. The 9-1-1 Branch is working with over 90 PSAPs to deploy text to 9-1-1 today. That’s 26 PSAPs now, and another 31 coming up by the end of the year.

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC)
Real-Time Call Status Displays – this is an item that needs to be added to the residual list in the Operations Manual.
Consolidation – The LRPC wants to task the 9-1-1 Workgroup with making recommendations for policy
PSAP funding – the recommendation is to set a minimum call volume for a new PSAP to be 800 calls per month.
ECatS – there was a request from the Advisory Board to have the ability for the PSAP to look at sectors/data for transfers that may came from outside of their jurisdiction.

County Coordinator Task Force
The Task Force has produced a job description (part of the board packet that should be posted on the web site). The Task Force is requesting that the 9-1-1 Branch send this document out to all PSAPs and CA public safety leaders.

First Net Update
The CALFRN Board reported that the RFP proposals for FirstNet deadline has been extended to the end of May. State Consultation Meetings are going on from May through August. The plan is to have small meetings throughout the state.