JPS Communications is Back in Business (for the most part)

JPS Interoperability Solutions will open for business April 15. Don Scott, one of the three founders of JPS Communications, and a group of investors acquired the assets of the former JPS Communications and created the new company with about 20 former JPS employees.

Scott said he plans to send agreements to all the manufacturer’s representatives and dealers who had agreements with the previous owner. The agreement terms will be the same as the previous owner’s terms. The acquisition agreement will see the new JPS Interoperability Solutions take over the warranty requirements in the market, Scott said.

The acquisition includes a large amount of inventory, “so we’ll be able to satisfy a number of needs that are there very quickly,” Scott said. The company aims to begin manufacturing additional products within its two product lines, the SNV-12 voters and ACU interoperability gateways.

After several months of market research, Scott determined there is still a strong demand for the interoperability products and future growth areas. He said voice interoperability needs will continue for 10 – 20 years and growth will come in the convergence of data, video and voice networks. He envisions at least four product lines in the future.

The new company will operate out of the same building in Raleigh, North Carolina, as the previous owner. JPS Investment Holdings is the funding vehicle with about 10 investors and funds the operating company, JPS Interoperability Solutions. The company’s mission is to provide high-tech solutions for traditional communications problems.

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