Message from Budge Currier, CA 9-1-1 Branch Manager

Good Morning!

Please read below the message from Budge Currier of the 9-1-1 Branch. It is an update on the State Emergency Telephone Number Account (SETNA) 9-1-1 funding issues and of concern to all PSAPs in CAalifornia:

“The 9-1-1 Branch continues to remain focused on implementing a long term solution that will ensure the State Emergency Telephone Number Account (SETNA) is able to sustain 9-1-1 in California. In January the Governor released his FY 2018 budget and in February draft trailer bill language was posted. These two events are part of two-step process that will ensure 9-1-1 can be sustained.

First, the FY 2018 budget contains the funding needed to make up the anticipated shortfall in SETNA revenue. This is intended to be a short term fix. Second, the trailer bill contains language needed to fix the SETNA fund model and remove the technology specific, i.e. intrastate voice, language from the SETNA funding model. As the trailer bill moves through the legislature there will be modifications to the language. Eventually, a legislator will be asked to champion the bill. We will let you know when we hear of any updates. For now, please share with the associations that you represent that Cal OES has taken the necessary steps to sustain 9-1-1 and we will keep them informed of how they can help. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Budge Currier
9-1-1 Branch Manager
Public Safety Communications
(916) 657-9911
(916) 591-1843 (Cell)


911 Sustainment Draft Trailer Bill Language